Active dialogue with markets英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

Outokumpu’s IR team provides on-time information about the business and financial development to the markets.

The team meets investors and analysts regularly and ensures seamless interaction between the company and capital markets. In addition, Outokumpu’s IR team offers the access to the corporate management.


IR policy英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

Key principles:英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

  • Transparent, clear, proactive and up-to-date information
  • Consistent level of information on both positive and negative issues
  • Equal treatment of all shareholders
  • Commitment of top management and dedicated IR team


Main tasks:英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

  • To provide accurate and relevant information to the capital market for the fair valuation of Outokumpu
  • To secure investors' confidence and shareholder value


Silent period英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

Outokumpu applies a 30-day silent period before full-year and interim result announcements. During those periods we do not meet with capital market representatives nor comment on result forecasts.

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