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The Outokumpu Leadership Team assists the CEO in the overall management of Outokumpu’s business. The members of the team have extensive authorities in their individual areas of responsibility, and their duty is to develop the Group’s operations in line with the targets set by the Board of Directors and the CEO.

The members of the Outokumpu Leadership Team hold the following positions:

  • President and Chief Executive Officer (Group management, the Ferrochrome business area, legal, corporate affairs and compliance, safety, health and environment, and internal audit)
  • Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer (financial and business controlling and analysis taxation, treasury, metal and risk management, global business services)
  • President – Europe (the Europe business area)
  • President – Americas (the Americas business area)
  • President – Long Products (Long Products business area) & Group Sustainability
  • Executive Vice President – Supply Chain Management, Europe (supply chain in the Europe business area)
  • Executive Vice President – Business Transformation and IT (business transformation and IT)
  • Executive Vice President – Communications and Investor Relations (communications, investor relations and marketing)
  • Executive Vice President – Human Resources and Organization Development (human resources and organization development)

The Leadership Team typically meets at least once a month.

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