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Learn about our recruitment process and discover new opportunities

Are you wondering how to apply for exciting new challenges? We have outlined our three-step application process that we use to find our next Outokumpu employees. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application 英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

You can apply directly for any of the vacancies published on our Open positions page. If you are new to our career pages, you will be asked to create a user account before being able to apply for job openings. Once you have completed and sent your online application you will receive an automatic email confirmation.

Interview 英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

HR and the relevant line manager will go through the applications and shortlist candidates for an interview. We may conduct several interview rounds before a final selection is made.

Final selection 英雄联盟比赛押注,英雄联盟外围竞猜app,英雄联盟外围押注软件

All applicants are contacted either by email or phone when the selection has been made at the latest.

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